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Why Scotland should be in your Europe Itinerary : Inverness & Edinburgh Travel Guide



My first solo travel in Europe


I just recently moved to London early this year and I wanted to have a good city break after all the hustle I’ve been doing at work.

Then all of a sudden I told myself, ‘Hey Scotland sounds interesting! ‘

And there my Scotland adventure began….


Coming from a very tropical country (Philippines), castles are not a thing back home, therefore, I was very much excited to see a lot of medieval structures as Scotland is known for the best ones. I am also intrigued by the Loch Ness story and even if I know that I wouldn’t see the mythical creature, I looked forward to being in a magical place where it was last seen.

Most of the attractions are free or with a minimal fee. Transportation is also not a concern because walking around the city is the best way to enjoy this adventure, feast your eyes with a combination of medieval, gothic and modern architectures.


♥Things to do in Scotland?

  • Visit as many museums and castles as possible
  • Hike to mountain/volcano tops
  • Road trip and see picturesque landscapes
  • Make your tummy happy with delicious food and drinks- don’t miss to try their ‘Haggis’ 
  • Walk around the city and know the medieval history
  • Cruise to see monster Loch Ness and dolphins
  • Witness a flying witch *yup that’s actually exciting – it’s a magical place you know*


 4-day Sample itinerary + Travel photo diary :

Day 0

London Victoria to Edinburgh via Megabus (22:30 -07: 05) (£10)


Day 1

Hello Edinburgh!



•Leave your bags in the hostel: St. Christopher’s Inns

•Free City Tour: Sandman’s New Edinburgh (10:00 – 12:30) 

Book here:

-Royal Mile, Scottish Parliament, Greyfriars, Lady Stair’s close, St. Giles Cathedral, public wells,

•Lunch: Grass market – local charity coffee shop (£ 10)

•Check-In: St. Christopher’s Inns (£13 per night) book directly at

•Edinburgh Castle (£18.50)

•National Museum of Scotland

•Walk along the Princess Street

•Hike to Calton Hill + Nelson Tower for sunset

•Dinner at a local pub: Wings (EH1 1 RW) (£10)

photo was taken by Janelle Ponferrada





‘Calthon Hill ‘ photo was taken & edited by Ryan Cruz


Day 2


•English breakfast buffet at the hostel

•Loch Ness, Glencoe & the Highlands Timberbush Tour booked via Getyourguide (£ 53)   (08:00- 20:00)

-Road trip to see the Scottish Highlands

– Light refreshment at “Kilmahog”

-Meet the highland hairy cows

– Breathtaking Glen Coe, Ben Nevis (highest mountain at 4,409 feet), Caledonian Canal

– Taste the Scottish famous food Haggis at Spean Bridge Hotel & restaurant PH34 4ES (£ 10)

– Go on an hour cruise to see the Loch Ness mystical creature Nessie (£15)

– Urquhart Castle (£ 12)

– Victorian town: Pitlochry to stroll around old stone buildings and taste their famous single Malt whiskey ice-cream at Scotch Corner (£ 10) PH16 5AG

Day 3

•English breakfast buffet at the hostel

•Check out

•Early morning walk around the city

•Edinburgh to Inverness via Megabus- Citylink Gold (09:45-13:15) (£20)

••Hello Inverness! “The capital of Scottish Highlands”


•Check-In: Inverness Tourist Hostel- Backpackers Hostel (£ 18) IV1 1NQ booked via Airbnb.

 ♥Book using my Airbnb link and get up to £300 for your next trip:

•Inverness Museum and Art Gallery

•Inverness Castle + Viewpoint to see the best 360-degree panoramic view of the city (£5)

book here:



Day 4

•Early checkout

•Breakfast at Charlies Café IV1 1 LS (£ 5)

•Visit St. Mary’s Catholic Church

•Dolphin Spirit Cruise at Inverness Marina IV1 1FF (£ 18.50) Has a free shuttle from and to the city center for no sweat adventure! Book at

•Kessock Bridge

•Lunch at Eden Court Theatre (£10)

•Walk to the Ness Islands

•Inverness Victorian Market IV1 1 PJ and buy  Belgian Caledonian Chocolate (£ 5-10)

•Local Public Library and read some adventure books while waiting for your bus

•Inverness to London Victoria via Megabus (19:15 – 07:30) (£14)



♥♥♥Travel Tips♥♥♥

  • Book ahead: either transportation, tour or hostel everything is less expensive when you make your reservation a month prior to your adventure.
  • Weather in Scotland is cold throughout the year, make sure to dress appropriately and bring umbrella or raincoat. No rain should stop you from making your adventure happen!
  • Free walking tours. Who doesn’t want anything free? Nobody for sure! I booked mine at Sandman’s New Edinburgh and I couldn’t be happier I did. Our guide was knowledgeable and amazing, just give how much you are happy to give after the tour.
  • Talk to locals. The best way to experience the place is to spend time with locals and know the history first hand from them. They also give the best suggestions when it comes to food and destinations.


Honestly, Scotland is a very welcoming and happy place to live in (might want to move here someday haha); imagine living in a city that is just a few steps from the river and mountains, that’s definitely superb! What more can I ask for?!

I’ll be back soon  Scotland!

Hey after shifters!

Thanks for reading my first travel article in Europe and I hope this helps you in planning your next adventure!





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13 thoughts on “Why Scotland should be in your Europe Itinerary : Inverness & Edinburgh Travel Guide

  1. Thanks for sharing this awesome itinerary. Better to enjoy this while the Brexit isn’t f I realized yet coz everything about UK and EU trAvel will be change.

  2. Thanks for sharing this awesome itinerary. Better to enjoy this while the Brexit isn’t f I realized yet coz everything about UK and EU trAvel will be change.

  3. I have confession: I have a soft spot for the green mystical Scotland. It may have come from all the Celtic lore books (and Scottish romance novels) I read while I was growing up. I’d love to visit it one day.

  4. Your pictures are amazing and I really enjoyed your commentary! Haha. I wish i could travel as far as Europe soon. It’s a whole other world there than the countires I’ve visited in asia. Hoepfully I’ll get there soon!!!

  5. The outfit is so fab. You look like one of them in your dress. I love seeing seeing the castle like structures that they have and the animals too. This makes me want to get a passport now.

  6. Ohhh, so there is a lot of walking involved in touring Scotland? I bet the air is cleaner there in that case. 🙂

    I definitely would like to visit the castle filled scenery there! 😀

  7. I really love your outfit in here. Definitely Scotland will be part of of list once we have the chance to travel Europe. I really love the castle like structures and the animals that I saw in some of the photos.

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