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Travel for a reason greater than photographs: Exploring La Union with  KAMARI PHILIPPINES  

I have been to La Union a lot of times already before. I know exactly what to see and expect in this province known for its prestigious beaches that are perfect for surfing.
Aside from the beaches, La Union actually have a lot more to offer to their visitors, starting from its vast grape farm, to the majestic temples and oh let’s not forget all the delicious delicacies they have to offer!

I had also joined lots of tours in the past wherein I traveled with strangers because let’s admit it is easier and more affordable to avail a joiner tour compared to a private one. I honestly enjoy it more because new people means new friends!

Come to think of it, I should not have felt a great excitement for this trip I booked with Kamari Philippines because first of all, it is not my first or even second time in La Union. Also, La Union is a very mainstream location. Like everybody goes there during summer or at some point in their life! I know we would all agree to that right?

However, I was more than excited about it!

YEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s the kind of trip where I can do both of the things I love: 
1. Passion for traveling
2. Compassion for helping other people

Imagine how is it even possible to do both at the same time?
Thanks to Kamari,  I can finally do this more often!
We visited 7 amazing destinations and gave a hundred children a set of school supplies!


A nonprofit organization who promotes the beauty of the Philippines while giving more meaningful experience to traveling by conducting different outreach programs for the people.

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Most of you are probably thinking that it was very expensive since we visited 7 destinations plus gave school supplies and snacks for 100 children of Barangay Amontoc, San Gabriel La Union.

Well, surprise!
The fee was just 1,299 PHP (24 USD) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Definitely affordable and more than worth it!



October 6, 2018, our call time was 10 PM at Greenfield District Pasig and we left at 11:00 PM. The ride was great because the van was spacious, which made every participant of the trip very comfortable. We had a one-stop in Anda, Pangasinan where we ate early breakfast to fuel up for our trek ahead. At around 5 AM we arrived at the municipal hall where we proceeded with the registration and got our jeepney ride to the first destination.

We have a lot of jeepneys here in the Philippines but riding at the roof is something travelers look forward to. Most of us chose to feel the cold breeze of wind while on the way to Tangadan falls. After 30 minutes we reached our drop off and started the supposed to be 25 minutes trek to the falls.


The view of the rice fields during sunrise is very alluring. I had to stop for a few minutes just to look at the view and appreciate how wonderful God’s creation is. I was like staring at a magical painting or something. Too beautiful to put into words.



When we reached the falls, some went to dive in fast, some took their photographs and some just chose to relax. You know what’s funny? I’ve been to La Union for more than ten times already but I had never visited this place not until now.Sabi ko sa sarili ko ‘ ang totoo bakit?! Bakit ngayon lang? ang solid sa ganda grabe!’”
(I told myself ‘Why? Why only now? This is such a beautiful place?’)



For almost an hour, I just sat there at the corner and stared at the magnificent waterfalls as it cascaded down the mountainside. Wish I could put it in my pocket and take it home! Hahaha but that’s not possible!

Our next activity was my favorite part of the trip which is the outreach.

The children were gathered to fall in line inside the municipal gymnasium and as we entered the doors, I felt my heart beat faster than the usual as I hear the children’s silent excitement to meet us too. I can see the genuine happiness in their faces when we gave the little gifts we have for them. Everyone was smiling and the atmosphere quickly changed to something full of positivity.
At a very young age, they know how to say thank you not just once but they kept on repeating it with an immeasurable tone of joy.

You know what melted my heart the most? It’s when I heard a little girl say these words:
‘ Uy may magagamit na kong lapis sa eskwelahan’. 
(Hey!!!I now have a pencil to use in school’)
I know, I am to shallow to shed a tear over this but have you ever taught how extremely blessed you are?
Because these children have not much but they are happy with what they have.
Unlike most of us, we want to have it all and most often we forget to appreciate what we already have because we kept on longing for more.

Other destinations included:

Baluarte Watch Tower

A 400-year-old Spanish tower which served a huge role in protecting the people during World War II and considered as one of our Nation treasure. It looks intact and good despite its age because it has been restored last year after almost breaking down during the Typhoon Lando in 2015.

Saint Catherine of Alexandria Church of Luna

A miraculous church which serves as the home of St. Catherine who was believed to save the people during times of calamities and drought. She was also believed to have cured a lot of hopeless cases and granted wishes from the people.

San Juan Beach 

You know what this means…
Beach bum and surf!


I usually hate large crowds at any destination but this time I enjoyed watching a lot of surfers doing their thing while I sip my cold coco.

Macho temple
A Taoism temple made for the Chinese sea Goddess Mazu which is believed to be the Queen of heaven and the protector of the sea.

A lot of spots here is Instagram worthy!
Just a reminder, kindly wear proper clothing as a sign of respect to the temple.

Thunderbird Poro Point Resort

A Mediterranean inspired luxury resort with amazing world-class architecture. I know a lot of us is dreaming about Greece or Santorini, lucky for us here in the Philippines we have this resort! Be sure to have your cameras ready for the sunset as it turns the West Philippine Sea into a golden picturesque view.


Grape Farm 
Unfortunately, the farm was closed during our visit and also it is not harvesting time, therefore, the locals advised us to return some other time. Best time to visit the place is during summer which is also the picking season.



I am very much thankful to be part of this travel outreach. I know that we had made a big difference in the life of these children and their drive to continue doing well in school.
You know I believe that you don’t need to spend a lot to help others. You don’t need to be a billionaire to change the world.

You just need to decide that you want to do it and then make it happen. 

This is definitely not my last adventure with Kamari Philippines, I want to be part of a more meaningful adventure in the future and hopefully, I will be with you in the next one!

Let’s start making a difference!
Let’s start making this world a better place!




For my co-participants last October 7, 2018, in this La Union trip.
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As simple as that!!!!!!!!!!!
Free na ang next adventure mo!UYYYY alam ko gusto mo yan!!!!!

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Camera Used: Fujifilm AX3

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