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These are the top 5 provinces very known to tourists and  locals who wanna explore the beauty of  our country, Philippines.


Truly our country has a lot of extraordinary beautiful islands, provinces and places to visit therefore millions and millions of people from other countries visits us throughout the year.

How about you? ( referring to my fellow Filipinos)

Can you say that you already explored atleast one of the best provinces here in the Philippines?

A lot of you would answer NO,

Sad to say but that’s truth right?


Top reasons why : NO BUDGET and NO TIME

What if I tell you that you can see through your own eyes and experience first hand 7  destinations in 1 amazing province with just less than one thousand pesos ( 18 USD)?

What if I tell you that a day  is more than enough ?

Would you believe me?

Well, you should!!!

Let me share with you aftershifters the underrated beauty of my hometown,


RIZAL is a less known province who has a lot of hidden gems worth exploring.

From the breathtaking mountain summits to the alluring crystal clear waterfalls, your weekend will surely be a memorable one with Rizal’s destinations!!!

What’s even more surprising?

Its destinations is conveniently located just 2 hours away from Manila!

➳Where to book your 999 PHP Rizal Adventure? ➳

Eradventures Travel and Tours

Why choose Eradventures?

  • Affordable
  • Personalized
  • Team oriented ( and super kwelang) Guides
  • Great travel service with a heart
  • Easy to book ( no cancellations, no PAASA)
  • and the list goes on….
  • Basta I had the best day tour in Rizal because of them!

➳Where to go➳

  1. Treasure Mountain Educational Campsite


Best time to visit: 5:30 AM

Why: One of the best sunrise you can witness! If the sea of clouds appear (lucky you) then it’s a double win for you!

What to do here: RELAX. Take lots of photos. Eat Breakfast Silog meals (80-100 PHP). Taste a freshly cooked hot Taho ( 25 PHP)!





2. El Patio Razon

What do to here: Kawa bath ligo and awra ng pangmalakasan, walk around the area, appreciate nature, meet new freinds aka cats (my heart!)

No need to fly to Cebu or Antique to experience a relaxing kawa bath with real fire and flower petals!

Let us not forget to mention the  panoramic view of the sierra madre mountains!!!!!

How much? Experience it for just 300 PHP!!!!!!!!!! Like anoooo na?!!! Bakit hindi diba?


Meet my new friend catsy! She’s so adorbale as in OA! Plus photogenic din sya! kabog!

3. Taste the famous bulalo of Tanay in Rambulls Bakahan

EATING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! (MY FAVE TIME!!!!)

Offcourse may pangmalakasang BULALO din ang Rizal!

Why brave the long traffic to Tagaytay kung meron naman dito sa Tanay?

No traffic, No stress!

Price : 425 PHP ( 8 USD) but good for 4-6 persons na!

That’s definitely super sulit! FREE soup refill pa!

Sa mga single dyan uy magpapasko na! Kailangan nyo yan!

Unli pampainit sa nanlamig mong puso!!!!!! HAHAHAAH

Moving on…..

4. Daranak Waterfalls


This is not my first time to visit this place but i’m still out of words when asked to describe how beautiful it is. The view is so magnificent that even the pictures can’t give justice to it’s beauty.

You can get this place unlimited day stay for just 50 PHP (less than 1 USD)

Question: Is it possible to swim in the water?

Answer: DEFINITELY YES! Just make sure you know how to swim because the lowest part is already 6 ft. If not, then you could rent a life vest or salbabida. It is a must to experience swimming in this paradise!

Tignan mo naman yung tubig na parang hindi totoo sa sobrang ganda diba!

5.  Morong  and Antipolo Church

Take time to thank Him for all the wonderful things that is happening to your life right now.

Visit these historical churches with amazingly intricate architechture.

Morong Church

Morong Church

Antipolo Church

6. Cloud 9 Restaurant Antipolo

Keep the thrill coming!

Cross their hanging bridge with a 360 degrees view of the Metro, just be extra careful because falling wihtout someone catching you should never be an option!!!!!!


If you will dine here, I would highly recommend their kare Kare and Sinigang na baboy.


7. Pililia WindMills


With no doubt, Ilocos windmills is the most popular one in our country. However, there is the same IG worthy towering turbines located less than 2 hours from the metro and it has a view worth visiting too!

Best time to visit: 5 pm-6pm SUNSET IS STUNNINGLY MAGICAL HERE! The overlooking Laguna De Bay completed the picturistique view.

Are you ready for the 999 PHP Rizal Adventure? 

I hope this guide fueled up a desire for you to explore the understated and underrated gems of the province of Rizal!

if yes then….

Let’s Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Book that trip, take that adventure and make it happen!

Thanks for reading and supporting me!

Until our next adventure!




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