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Ten Cents to Heaven, Tanay, Rizal: An Adrenaline Filled Sanctuary

Having an insane semester? Receiving endless paper works in the office?
Struggling every day to get through a bad shift all month long?
Stressed na stressed ka na ba beshy?
Well, I think visiting Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp will help you release all the tension and stress away (well it definitely worked for me!). Isigaw mo lang lahat sa hangin sabayan mo pa ng bonggang site seeing sa napakagandang view of nature na makakatulong say to unwind and free your mind.
Then after this laban na ulit sa life!
And we’re here!!!!!
Heavenly view
Love the feels of this place!
This leisure camp is located in Sitio Mayagay II, barrio Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal.
Konting kemerloo lang from manila besh around 1 ½ to 2 hrs so ano na? Tara na!
The location offers a perfect 360 degree view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges and Laguna de bay perfect for your muni-muni moments! It has been a favorite venue for recreational activities such as team building, camping, company outings, seminars, and special events like birthdays, debuts, weddings and more. But this year, it started becoming a popular tourist spot for people who want to experience extreme adventures and at the same time to unwind with nature.
Solo traveler essentials!

I went here last May 27, 2017 it was a weekend but surprisingly the place wasn’t crowded at all, one of the things I loved most about the place. It’s been a month since I saw a post from Facebook describing how wonderful and fun the place is, so when I got the chance to avail a tour package from Bakasyonista travel and tours, I booked for the nearest trip right away!

 Ask me how much?! Well sa halagang, tantananan !!! 999 pesos swak na swak sa budget besh!

So what are you waiting for?!

Let’s go!



1. Private Transportation:

  • From Cubao via Markina-Infanta Hwy/marilaue Hwy/R-6 (46.2 KM)
  • From Manila via R-6 (55.2 KM)
  • From Ortigas via Markina-InfantaH wy/marilaue Hwy/R-6 (47.6 KM)
  • From Antipolo via Markina-Infanta Hwy/marilaue Hwy/R-6 (38.4 KM)


  • Use google maps/waze for the detailed guide.
  • Average travel time is 1-1/2 hours.
  • Ask for directions, libre yun mga besh.
  • There is a safe parking area at the entrance of the camp
  • Marikina infant Highway is the main road when going through the mountains of Rizal so expect picture stop overs to capture the beautiful view!


2. DIY (Commuting/ Public transportation)

– This is the hardest route for me because it’s hassle to transfer vehicle multiple times plus it’s not advisable if you’re a solo traveler like me.

*From Cubao:

  • ride a PUV going to Cogeo Gate 2/Padilla
  • ride a jeep going to Sampaloc, tanay
  • drop off at the right side of the highway where ten cent to heaven is located.
  • walk for 3-5 mins up to the gate entrance

*From Crossing/Ortigas Starmall Saw Boulevard):

  • ride a PUV to Tanay Town proper drop off at Tanay market
  • ride a jeepney to Sampaloc Tanay drop off at main junction
  • ride jeepney to cogeo antipolo drop off in front of the camp
  • walk for 3-5 mins up to the at the entrance


3. Bakasyonista Travel and Tours

– This is the BEST option! What I chose for this adventure!

Tour Fee: 999 pesos!!!!!!


  • Van Transfer (Cubao – Tanay Rizal – Cubao)
  • Entrance Fee
  • Environmental Fee
  • Hanging Bridge Access (150 meters)
  • Pool (Swimming)
  • Basic Obstacle Courses Access – (Centipede Walk, Zigzag Log, Tire Relay, Tug ‘o’ war, Rope untie, Walls w-with cargo net, Tarzan swing, Trust Fall, Belly/Military Crawl, Hanging Log, Jordan Ladder, Bubble Walk, Monkey Crawl, Bamboo Pole)

Side trips: (if time will permit)

  • Café Katerina( for breakfast)
  • Lutong Pugon Wood Fire Pizza  ( For lunch)
  • Pilillia Windmills








The main attraction in the area I their 4 lane zip line which is known as the longest in Luzon. Total of 1.2 KM long, riding it feels like forever (though wala naming forever ehem alam mo yan bes) ang haba kasi like pagod ka nang sumigaw wala ka pa rin sa dulo! The thrill that it will give you is indescribable!

You will feel scared at first especially if it’s your first time to do it but I assure to you that it’s very safe because their coordinators are well trained and they provide complete set of  gear don’t be afraid that something might went wrong. Also, the guides are very nice and friendly making the experience more fun!

Kaya go lang ng go! Syempre bibo kid ako, I chose to take the superman 1 way para mas feel na feel! And I recommend that you should take that option too. If you chose the one way, you will be transported back to the camp via shuttle and there you will realize that the distance of start and end point is very far.

Took a selfie at the middle of my ride! Can’t hide my happiness here <3

Almost at the end of the ride

Aerial shot at the middle of the ride

Me doing the wonder woman pose! 

longest in Luzon. Total of 1.2 KM long



  • Open your eyes and feel the rush of cool air as you slide 1.2 KM from Ten Cents to heaven to another hill. Wag kang pipikit, para mas intense! The view is very breathtaking! Kaya naman, even if medj nginig ako picture pa rin ako ng picture haha! Even got a selfie at the middle of the ride hahah #push!
  • Wear a pair of shoes that is secured to your feet well. Doll shoes or slippers without strap is not advisable. You might go home barefooted when it falls down the forest during the ride. You won’t like that besh. However if that’s the case and still wore the improper footwear, you’ll be asked to remove it before the ride.



All of these activities are placed in one area but have different charges each. There’s a variety of activities to choose from and it really depends on the kind of thrill you’re looking for, but if I were you don’t be afraid to try it all! You only live once nga diba! It’s fun and challenging at the same time.

Rappelling: The tower is 60 ft. high. Of the three, this one is the easiest for me. So I tried it first before anything else. It’s like my warm up for the wall climbing.

Wall climbing: The wall is 70 ft. high with two different art which is the ‘EASY’ and ‘DIFFICULT’ panel. It’s not my first time to do it, so I chose the difficult panel.

Free fall: The wall is 70 ft. high located at the side of the wall climbing panel. This the most thrilling part of the tour for me. In a matter of 10 secs you will be dropped from 70ft., it’s an adrenaline pumping experience.


Getting ready!

Before the haggard moments selfie!

Most thrilling part of my adventure

Feels like i’m flying up here!!!!!!

70 ft high – less than 10 secs of free fall

Conquered the difficult panel!

70 ft. high wall climbing at the sides, rappelling at the middle

For safety



  • Warm up by simply stretching to prevent injuries.
  • Wear comfy clothes that will not restrict you from moving freely. I advise that you should wear a pair of leggings and shirt that is not too tight.
  • If you have wall climbing chalk which is usually made of magnesium carbonate, it will really help. But if not, a good alternative is the usual powder we have at home.
  • Stay close to the all as much as possible so that the weight of your body I centered and reduce strain to your forearm muscles. If you need to rest, stop for a while and lean to the wall. Remember that the goal I to reach the top not to finish fast. Take it slowly but surely



– The wooden bridge  is 150 meters long located at the center of the camp, waiting for you to take that your awra pa more shots! Wag ka lang malalaglag kasi walang harness dito at lalong walang sasalo sayo.( mesheket yun besh)

150 meters long

Forest below the bridge



  • I know it’s tempting but I don’t recommend taking selfies while walking here. Remember, before anything else safety always comes first.
  • Take time. You’ll appreciate more the beauty of nature when you walk slowly and just feel the surroundings. You’ll say that, ‘God is really great for creating this kind of beauty’



  • Since it is known for recreational activities it offers a variety of games Basic Obstacle Courses Access – (Centipede Walk, Zigzag Log, Tire Relay, Tug ‘o’ war, Rope untie, Walls w-with cargo net, Tarzan swing, Trust Fall, Belly/Military Crawl, Hanging Log, Jordan Ladder, Bubble Walk, Monkey Crawl, Bamboo Pole) and more which is perfect for company team building and school camping.



– If you don’t know how to use or play the games, ask for assistance. There are plenty of staff roaming around the area that are more than willing to help.



  • If you’re into shooting, the camp also offer Tippann gun game with 50 pieces of rubber ball per purchase. Your time is not limited as long as you use the number of rubber balls you bought. The area is enclosed and safe for the participants and the by passers too.




  • How to hit the target? Focus! Focus! Focus! Isipin mo na lang sya ung taong iniwan ka, nako bes sure ako makaka-target ka nyan!



  • The in house restaurant offers a variety of meal choices but mostly serving Filipino foods.
  • Prices ranging from 150-300 pesos which is also good for 2-3 persons sharing.



  • One of my favorite parts of the tour! It’s not my first time to do it so it’s not new to me, but I still enjoyed the experience. They have two water tank filled with a fish named as ‘Garra Rua’or popularly known as ‘doctor fish’. Don’t worry if the fishes will bite you cause they are toothless, that’s their way of removing dead skin cells from your feet. After a daylong adrenaline filled adventure, this fish spa treatment is perfect relax and unwind.



  • Please do follow the rules in the area, especially the thorough washing of feet before going in the treatment area.
  • Towels are available at the counter so you don’t need to bring extra towel for this activity.



  • The camp also has two swimming pools located at the upper part of the area. The size is just average but it’s very well maintained. It’s also one of the best location to view the Sierra Madre mountain ranges and Laguna de bay.



  • Don’t forget to take a panoramic shot of the area! The view is beautiful up there.
  • Be ready to swim in ice cold water! Lamig besh sa bundok eh!



The place is beautiful and full of different activities which makes it stand out from the other camps I had been to before. I love how my day was spent here with no dull moments noted kasi nga besh ikaw na ang susuko sa dami ng pwedeng gawin dito. The place is full of adventure but also serves as a sanctuary to relax and unwind at the same time.

Best part of my trip was meeting 10 new friends that are also joiners in this day tour with Bakasyonista travel and tours. It is my first time to travel without knowing someone but the group made me feel welcomed right from the start of our trip. Will definitely keep in touch with these people for our next adventures!



Ten Cents to Heaven:


  • (632) 437-1421
  • (632) 782-9462
  • (632) 506-3687
  • (63917) 714-6228 (Globe)
  • (63925) 314-6227 (Sun)
  • (63939) 920-4608 (Smart)


Side trips: (if time will permit)- will have seperate blogpost each location


1. Café Katerina( for breakfast) 

15 mins. away from Ten cents to heaven

125 pesos Big breakfast meal: Fried eggplant + salted egg + fried rice + fresh tomatoes +unli soap


2. Lutong Pugon Wood Fire Pizza  ( For lunch)

They even got a mini museum inside (free entrance yay)!!!

Main entrance

Tasty pizza cooked in the native way : wood fire 

3. Pililla Windmills

Pililla, Rizal has it’s own windmills to supply electricity to their area.

artsy design of the dining area

Thanks for reading my blog post!
Hope it will help you in your own adventure!

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Let’s stay connected loves!




Til’ the next adventure!

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