It’s been awhile since I last posted on my blog. Life as a nurse was never easy, but as I always say this will never hinder me from doing what I love.
The shifting these past few months was really crazy and the toxicity just hyped so I told myself that I shall find time to relax and find my inner peace.
So when I had the chance to take a leave, I went straight where my heart always belongs: THE BEACH! 



If you’re a “Sand in my toes” kind of person, I am sure that you’re going to fall in love with Tali just as much as I did. Tali is located at the heart of Nasugbu Batangas, which is well known for its prestige beaches.

What special about Tali is that it offers beach hopping! Three beaches in one day? Seryoso ko bes! Di kita niloloko tulad ng ginawa nya sayo char!

Magsawa ka kakalangoy at kakapicture, parang never ending happiness as in solid! Idagdag pa natin ang main attraction which is cliff diving that will definitely fuel up the adventurous side of you.

Is it budget friendly? Oo naman bes! For only 1,199 pesos, you’ll have an amazing getaway thanks to DG Travel and Tours. Take note that it’s a day tour, so swak na swak sa budget and sa one day off mo (dahil kuripot ang boss mo bigyan ka ng consecutive leave gawan na lng ng paraan haha). It is hassle free and very well organized, plus it’s just 2 hours away from manila. Konting tumbling lang bes, so ano pang inaantay mo?

Let’s go!!!!!!!!!



-It is very peaceful. Since the whole resort is inside a private subdivision, only land owners or renters have access to it. So unlike other summer destinations near manila, it’s almost impossible to get it crowded. When we went there, halos samin na ung buong resort kasi wala namang tao masyado.

– Is cliff diving in your bucket list? Get ready to tick it out because Tali offers 3 different cliff diving sites where you can release your tensions in life.

-Snorkeling is also one of the best things to do here at Tali. The water is too clear and virgin wherein there is an area that even at your waist level you can see tiny fishes with wonderful colors. Oh! And you can feed them too!

-It’s very near manila! 2 hours lang bes! Lalayo ka pa ba?



-Private car: pakidownload na lang si pareng waze! Mas mapagkakatiwalaan pa sya kaysa dyan sa ka-MU mo aka malabong ugnayan.

-Public transportation: It’s not possible to go here by commute because  there is no direct route for bus, PUV’s, and the like.

Let’s start exploring the paradise of Tali!!!!!!!



First side: This side of the beach is known for cliff diving where you can choose from 10 ft, 20 ft and 30 ft.  Whichever your heart desires and gaano kadaming courage and baon mo haha. At first, I was scared to jump baka kasi walang sumalo buti na lang dagat nga pala toh . But when others started jumping and I saw them enjoying it, I finally decided to do it. I told myself, ‘I need to face my fear!’ and so I did! The adrenaline rushed throughout my body as I lifted my feet from the cliff and when I submerged into the water I felt like all my worries and fears was left down in the deepest part of the sea. It felt so great! So after jumping in the 10 ft, I proceeded to try the 20 ft and 30 ft. YOLO na mga bes! It was nerve-wrecking and fun at the same time!



*Note: The rocks at side of the cliff is full of corals that are very sharp, so be sure to climb up at the designated site. Bad for me, I didn’t know that there is an area for climbing. So I just tried to find my own way and ended up being pricked by a sea urchin and also had both my knees scraped by corals. It hurts, but it’s all worth it! Di bale na masaktan ako sa ganito, kaysa naman sayo. Haha char!

Nurse alert! If in any case you became a victim like me, quick first aid is to pour vinegar at the affected area. Then if you have tweezers, try to pull the spike out. Pulling it using your bare hands might worsen the situation causing the spike to go deeper.

Second Side: This side is a long shore with pure fine white sand. We didn’t stayed here long because we were all hungry from the cliff diving and snorkeling. But I really appreciate the serenity of this area. There’s a wide grassy area before the shore where you could just stay and stare at the picturesque view of the sea.



We went back to our quarters to eat lunch, others brought their own food but I opted to avail the lunch meal offered by the tour. For just 299 pesos I got myself freshly grilled 2 pieces of chicken, 1 Tanigue (Famous fish in the area) and unlimited rice! Super busog besy! I don’t know how to wear my swimwear after eating 3 cups of rice hahaha pero tiwala lang bes kinaya ko naman! They also serve unlimited mineral water na ice cold like your heart haha. If I were you, go and avail their lunch meal too! It’s very sulit!


Considered as the largest and the main beach in the resort, there are plenty of gazebos here where you can stay for free. Main attraction here is snorkeling and fish feeding. There is an area where you can play with tiny fishes with such wonderful colors. Don’t be scared because they are 100% harm free! There is also an area to play beach volleyball and Frisbee. There are also fishermen at the end of the vicinity who sells fresh catch shrimps and fishes.



*Note: Bring your own goggles, there is no store in the area to rent one. Bring your own food for the fishes, a simple bread will do.



This is my favorite part of the resort where I just sat and relaxed at the warm sand under a coconut tree, listening to the sound of the waves. We got there when no one else is staying, so it’s like or own beach! Everything is so calm and beautiful, it’s like I’m in a sanctuary. I took advantage of the place to think about my decisions in life haha for real!  It’s the perfect place to find your inner peace! There are also boats and big rock formations where you can take plenty of bonggang instagram worthy photos!



Overall, I fell in love with the beauty of Tali!  I love the fine white sand that goes through my feet every time I step on it! I love the crystal clear blue sea that gave me the chance to interact with such wonderful fishes. I love the way the wind blows my hair perfectly while I read my favorite book by the shore! I love the adrenaline it gave me when I jumped off the cliff taking all my worries and burying it deep down in the sea.



I love the overall serenity of Tali! It was an amazing experience and I will definitely be back in this paradise!

Thank you for reading my blog! 

Hope it will help you in your next adventure ! 


Joan Maniago
The Nurse Off Duty

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