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Floating in Cloud 9 : An amazing Glamping Experience at Valleypoint Campsite in Tuba, Benguet

Floating in Cloud 9:

 An amazing Glamping Experience at Valleypoint Campsite in Tuba, Benguet

It’s been a while since I last posted an article here on my website, I have been busy with all my preparations for the United Kingdom and so everything else was set aside. However, I would gladly want to share to all of you that I had already passed the UK Nursing board and English proficiency examination!!! The two tickets that I need to apply as a registered nurse in my dream country.

YESSSSSS!!!!! My UK dreams are finally going to happen!!!!!!!

Now, it’s time to get back on track with my other passion – Travel blogging!

After the long blog hiatus, I wanted to be on an adventure that is completely different from those that I had in the past.

I wanted to be closer with nature, to find inner peace within me and to reflect from all the chaos that I had just battled and survived.

In short, I just wanted to escape the chaotic life I have in the Metro. Lucky me, I found the best place to make it happen!

I’ve been to Baguio a lot of times because it is a very accessible province from the Metro.

You want to know what is different this time.

Well, guess what?

I ditched the mainstream travel accommodations!!!!

Nope, did not go to stay in a hotel, apartment, Airbnb or camping.

I agreed to do something extraordinary!

So where did I stayed?

I chose to go GLAMPING!!!!!!!!

And honestly, I couldn’t be even happier with my experience at Valleypoint campsite!


Via Public transportation:

-From Metro Manila/Cubao take a bus bound to Baguio and alight at Green Valley Petron Station. A fare for an ordinary air-conditioned bus (Victory Liner): 445 Php (8 USD)

For comfortable and convenient bus travel, book at

-From there, ride a taxi to the campsite. Estimated fare: 100-120 Php (2 -3 USD); OR avail their car pickup service: 150 Php (3 USD) (highly recommended). Travel time: 10-15 minutes.


What exactly is GLAMPING?


Glamorous + camping = glamping

It is the version 2.0 of camping, you will still sleep outdoors but this one is extra sassy!

You will feel like a royalty because there is a very soft and fluffy mattress waiting for you to sleep inside your tent. A cabinet to place your things safely, a light and a fan to make you more comfortable.

~Such a perfect way to unwind and embrace the victory of life~


The newly opened campsite in Tuba, Benguet invited me to experience their best accommodation which is glamping. Since it just opened a month ago, I was one of those first travelers to try this one.

The experience was extremely great! All my expectations were met and I even got more!

 Let me share to you how my 2 days in valley point campsite went.

From Manila, I rode a bus bound to Baguio at 9 in the morning. I was instructed to get off at Green Valley Petron Station – which is still 30 minutes away from Baguio city.



It was raining hard when I arrived and the road was almost zero visibility; a Good thing from there, a staff was waiting for me and we arrived at the destination after a 10-minute drive. It was already 3:30 PM that time, after checking – in, I was offered a brewed coffee in their in-house restaurant while they are preparing my accommodation.

I was not prepared for the weather that day, it was very cold and boohoo I only brought a thin jacket with me. I was afraid that I won’t be able to sleep well because of the temperature, but surprisingly it was warm inside my tent.


My tent was very spacious, it can even fit 2 more! It is also waterproof dual layer, so I was not scared to get wet during my stay. It has a very large comfortable mattress, a perfect bed to sleep in for a tiny person like me hahaha! Paired with a soft thick blanket and a fluffy pillow.  There is also a shoe box and emergency light inside. The bathroom is just a few steps away from the camp, cleanliness wise it was superb with hot and cold water for bathing. Just be sure to bring your own toiletries because those are not provided.

That night, I stayed until 1 AM in the campers chill area and met a lot of new friends with very interesting stories.

The next morning, I woke up early to witness the majestic sunset. I hiked for 15 minutes to the top of the nearby hill and there I waited for Mr. Sun to say ‘Hi.’ The hike was not difficult at all, the road was concrete and I went on my own pacing. The view from there is truly breathtaking, I told myself: ‘Life is really good and the world is mysteriously magical’. The locals said that sometimes, the sea of clouds appears in this area, however, the nonstop rain last night made it impossible to happen.


Okay lang naman ‘it is fine’, either with the sea of clouds or not, I am still happy with this view I witnessed.

After my stay here, I went for a quick stroll in Baguio city and got myself some fresh flowers and cactuses.


Unlimited brewed coffee: YES! This is not a joke, I had 8 cups during my stay! Too good to be true for coffee lovers like me! But YES! You can have as many as you want!

-️Free breakfast:

You can choose from a variety of silog meals, I had Fried rice with garlic + Sunnyside up egg + fried Milkfish. Superrrrrr duperrrrr Yummy!!!!!!!!!! Best paired with their brewed coffee!



150 rounds Riffle + 1 gas reload
For a first timer like me, I can say that I enjoyed this adrenaline filled activity.

The bullets are too many, I was the one who gave up! Seriously! It is always exciting to try something new, and this place offers this activity which is rarely available in the usual accommodations.  The airsoft area was just a 2-minute walk from my tent and the view from there is also breathtaking. Actually, this is a good activity if you want to release mind tensions.



–   Access to restaurant and bar:

An aesthetically appealing place to drink your hot brewed coffee or ice cold beer. The place is Instagram worthy with good lighting and furniture colors. Serves delicious and affordable foods too!

Access to Camper’s chill area:

My favorite spot in the site. It is located on the second floor where a clear glass separates me and the outside world. At night, I felt like surrounded by tons of stars and in the morning I felt like floating in the clouds because of the fog surrounding the area. This is where people make tambay (socialize) and make new friends!


My favorite thing to do here is to jump in and bury myself in the gigantic bean bags!

Access to Books (mini library):

good reads for the bookworms or those who just want to stay in a corner and chill.

-Access to Board games (Chess, snakes and ladders, and a lot more), Card games and Darts

  -Free secure parking



Solo – 1,350 php
2 pax – 1,250 php/head
3 pax – 1,000 php/head
4 pax – 850/head

They also have other types of accommodation:



DAY TOUR PACKAGE:  500 php (9 USD)


Usual check-in time is 2 PM and check out at 12 PM. For more information about the rates and inclusions, you can check their Facebook page:







Overall, I had a great experience in this peaceful place. I found the serenity I’ve been longing for the longest time and now I can say that I am ready with a heart full of positivity to face the chaotic city once again. You too should try glamping some time! I highly recommend this adventure to all, solo travelers, friends, lovers, and families!  Truly, an extraordinary experience!


VLOG will be posted next weekend!

Stay tuned!


Hope it inspired you to make your own adventure!

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