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Thenurseoffduty is a travel + lifestyle website for people who believes that adventures can happen if you will make it happen. No matter what your profession is or how crazy your work schedule may be, there is definitely a way out of your box into the world called after shift. A world where you can bravely chase your thirsty adventures, boldly be you, and happily live your life to the fullest.


Hey! I’m Joan, a Filipina; a nurse by profession and wanderer by heart.
I’m a full time nurse who spends 5 days a week, and 8-16 hrs a day inside a white box called a hospital. I love my profession, touching and saving lives everyday is my daily routine.
But I believe that life is not meant to be lived inside a box. I have other passions that I want to pursue too. I have a strong desire to see the beauty of the world, to experience diverse cultures, to meet different amazing individuals and make extraordinary memories!

My crazy shift won’t stop me from exploring, so why let yours?
Your next adventure awaits!

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